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Music Dispatch: CLUELESS To Get a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Plaid Vinyl

Music Dispatch: CLUELESS To Get a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Plaid Vinyl

There is a valid reason why Edna Mode in The Incredibles insists a superhero’s costume have “NO CAPES!” Last night, Madonna learned why the hard way, becoming a casualty of her own wardrobe. We have that story, as well as Daft Punk out of costume (and carved in wood), and plenty of Pete & Pete news to please your Petunia tattoos in today’s Music Dispatch.

Madonna took a scary fall down a flight of three steps while performing at the BRIT Awards last night. The long Armani cape, that was to be dramatically pulled away by the backup dancers as the pop star reached the top step, was tied too tightly around her neck, causing Madonna to come toppling down right along with it. Like I’ve always said, don’t trust backup dancers with demon horns. Madonna, always the professional, gracefully got right back up and continued the performance. Stereogum points out Madonna quickly took to social media to reassure her fans of her wellbeing. Not to make fun of the woman while she’s down, but this could have all been avoided had Madonna listened to Edna Mode’s advice:

Fans of the oddball ’90s Nickelodeon show, Pete & Pete, have reason to celebrate, as Polaris, the band birthed for the musically hip show, will be receiving a vinyl reissue for their one and only record, Music From The Adventures of Pete & Pete. The re-release of the 1999 album comes as part of April 18th’s Record Store Day. Pete & Pete’s grungy and melancholy soundtrack is widely recognized as a key element of the show that sought to make its coming-of-age audiences feel comfortable with their weirdness. The show also featured clever cameos from many of the coolest, and weirdest, musicians of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, including LL Cool J, Iggy Pop, and Syd Straw, though rarely as musicians. [Consequence of Sound]

While you still have Polaris’ singing, “Hey smilin’ strange / You’re lookin’ happily deranged,” in your head, get a load of this: Danny Tamberelli, aka Little Pete, plays a disgruntled producer in this teaser for Action Bronson’s forthcoming Mr. Wonderful record. The teaser, as a whole, parodies Boogie Nights’ painfully hilarious “The Touch” recording scene, and also features Action’s producing buddy, Party Supplies. [The Fader]

daft punk

Daft Punk have been unmasked! Okay, maybe that is a little sensationalized of a statement, since we are talking about a sculpture carved in plywood here. The private duo, who began wearing masks, then graduated to helmets, to remove the element of individual celebrity from the music they produced, agreed to be part of artist Xavier Veilhan’s Producers series of sculptures produced from 3D scans. The robot duo even offered to remove their masks, rationalizing that if anyone wanted to see their human alter-egos, wood would be a unique and appropriate medium. This is, of course, not the first time Daft Punk have been seen sans helmet, but it is unique for them to openly allow the opportunity. [The Creators Project]

In November, Kanye West assured us his follow up to 2013’s Yeezus was all but complete. Now, he is saying the album is about 80% complete. Personally, I am beginning to suspect this is the Benjamin Button of albums and, in another few months it will only be a twinkle in his eye. That being said, ‘Ye did reveal a new track at last night’s BRIT awards, performing on stage along with 40-ft flames and a rowdy crowd behind him (read: T-Swift). The track, “All Day”, is something I could listen to ALL DAY. I am sorry, that was awful. [Slate]

Clueless dimensional_Packshot

Happy 20th anniversary, Clueless! To celebrate the classic teen movie that typified perfectly the angsty zeitgeist of 90s teens, Univeral Music is issuing a special edition of the soundtrack with the above gorgeous/heinous black and yellow plaid vinyl.


Last week, we reported on Scarlett Johansson and Este Haim’s new super-group side project, The Singles. Today, we learn ScarJo and co. may not have done their research, as another LA-based with a claim on the name has issued a cease-and-desist. All things considered, this little kerfuffle has probably been great for bringing attention to the elder Singles. [Consequence of Sound]

The Brian Wilson biopic, Love and Mercy, stars Paul Dano and John Cusack as the tortured Beach Boy in different stages of his life. The film is slated to be released on June 5, and sounds like it might have a pretty great soundtrack. [Pitchfork]

Our homies at Slacker Radio now have Led Zeppelin’s entire catalog available to stream, which means you can officially start practicing to be as good as these kids at playing “Kashimir” on xylophones.

Lady Gaga is coming to the small screen to star in the fifth season of FX’s horror miniseries, American Horror Story: Hotel. Gaga took to twitter to say, “Make your reservations.” [Nerdist]

Pigeons and Planes have introduced us to Pizza boy., a rapper who wears cartoons t-shirts and Basquiat hair, plays Magic: The Gathering, and raps about horcruxes and 4chan in front of a Chevy Sonic. So, naturally, we love everything about him. Check out his music video for “delicious cheesesticks. (maroney.)”. Everything.

A$AP Ferg called out model Cara Delevingne in his track, “Dope Walk”, and the two engaged in a Zoolander-esque walk-off. Now, the latter is featured in the former’s new music video for the track, with Delevingne watching on Facetime as Ferg captures various personalities at New York Fashion Week doing their own interpretation of the titular dance. How do I always end up talking about Fashion Week on here? This needs to stop. [Radio]

See you tomorrow with this week’s stunning conclusion to Music Dispatch!

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