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Murmurs of Middle-Earth

These things are fact:

1. POGO is a supremely talented Australian DJ whose remixes featuring sounds, scores and dialogue from a number of films and shows – most memorably, thus far, Toy Story, Terminator 2 and Dexter – are almost unfeasibly cool.

2. I’m a total Lord of the Rings dweebus who has the word “geek” spelled out phoenetically in Elvish on my right forearm.


I think I just shat a Balrog-sized brick. (And this is still a work in progress… eeep!)

Chillax to the soothing sounds of more POGO here.

Final Images from Cassini Are Stunning

Final Images from Cassini Are Stunning

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What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s?

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  1. 7Cyns says:

    Your mention of the tattoo you have reminds me to tell you:
    In the suburbs of NJ, 1997, you were the popular guy on MTV. I was in high school and all the preppy guys emulated your snarky comments and gas station attendant outfits whilst looking down on myself and my little group of MST3K-loving, LotR quoting (before it was cool to) friends. Cutto 2010 and I discover that that whole time my asinine classmates were loving you – you were one of *us*. Makes the reflection upon those times so much more fun.
    Plus, you’re dang hilarious and not bad on the eyes.
    Much love.

  2. uberBUCK says:

    Glad I found this when I did, cuz it gave me something to watch while I was putting my audiobook copy of “The Silmarillion” onto iTunes. All 13CDs of it. (It’s the only audiobook I’ve ever listened to or own)

  3. scottAD says:

    I just learned that you can download all his tracks on his website:


  4. Brian B says:

    1) the ink in elvish sounds sexy

    2) you shat a “Balrog-sized brick”…most impressive

  5. Russell says:

    I collapsed 30 seconds into this video due to the massive nerdgasm that it induced. Awesomesauce, indeed!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I think this video created a new genre of music: Zen R&B.

  7. SillyJaime says:

    This is total awesomesauce.

  8. Micha says:

    Ooooooohhhh – post of pic of your ink? That’s sounds fabulous.

  9. Saso Alauf says:

    Elen Sila Lumen Omentielvo 🙂

    I know the feeling…though I’m much more into a song of ice and fire these days (and I still haven’t seen a blog post about game of thrones on nerdster, even though everyone else is talking about it!) 🙂