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MUPPETS MOST WANTED Red Carpet with Lindalee

MUPPETS MOST WANTED Red Carpet with Lindalee

The Muppets make us all feel like kids again, so who better to guide us through the Muppets Most Wanted red carpet than the Nerdist Alliance‘s 5-1/2-year-old kid reporter, Lindalee Rose?:

Lindalee’s well on her way to being as big a star as the Muppets themselves (or at least the people who voice them); Walter even gives her a shout-out as he rides in in a Muppet-only limo, and check out the Lindalee Muppet at the end of the video for maximum jealousy.

Watch the full video here and subscribe to Beyond the Marquee Show for more red carpet interviews from Lindalee. And let us know in the comments below: who’s your favorite Muppet?


  1. Youngy says:

    I’d verunte that this article has saved me more time than any other.

  2. Marc says:

    Such a joy to watch this little girl, from Doctor Who to her Red Carpet’s it’s been fun to watch her grow and expand her interests. What’s next?

  3. chadsoftwick says:

    Lindallee should be nerdists kid reporter! shes great!!