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As our gadgets become better at multitasking, we get worse. It seems like everyone is on their smartphones all the time. We’re more concerned with checking twitter, then facebook, then twitter, then email, then twitter, then words with friends, then repeating than we are with interacting with the people sharing the same air in the room.

What will it take to get us away from that comforting glow of our phone screens? That warm embrace of digital friendship? That rush we get gliding from app to app? That…uh… Damn it! It just keeps sucking me in. What was I talking about?

Watch MORE VIDEOS HERE and, if you’re lucky, on Node.

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  1. Elizabeth Fields says:

    I laughed, I LIKE IT!!!!

  2. N17pr says:

    Pretty funny video, especially the “what?…What?….What?” lol.

  3. tina says:

    On a post related note….wait what? I was trying to find old navy….serious funny.

  4. Matthew Burnside says:

    The time will come, tina. The time will come. Patience.

  5. tina says:

    ughh no fair on the node tease (insert pouty emoticon)

  6. See, this is why no matter how much I enjoy nerd culture, I’ll never truly be a member of the club . . . my jock upbringing still ranks sex>tech, but I’m working on it.