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Muchos KStew

Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you appreciate art and stuff? Then get your tookus to Meltdown Comics this Saturday night (April 7th @ 7pm) for the opening reception of MUCHOS KSTEW: An Artistic Tribute to Kristen Stewart.

"You Starve and Near Exhaust Me" - Julia Vickerman

I know. I know. Kristen Stewart? Say whaat? But, hey, “art” is in her name and our good friend Julia Vickerman passionately curated the exhibit. Come see and purchase pieces from 50 artists including Deanna RooneyKelsy AbbottPhil Noto, and The Meltdown Show’s poster making superstar, Dave Kloc! Not convincing enough? How does themed cocktails from Mandy Sydelle sound? I’m told one will be a sweet and sour combo titled “The Lip-Biter.” With a little hope, perhaps Dave Kloc’s puppy, Penny, will make an appearance.

"KStew" - Kevin Wada

I can hear the groans coming through my computer already. “But, Maaaaaattheeew. I can’t come Saturday. I don’t know if I can go on knowing there’s all this Kristen Stewart art in the world that I can’t see.” Don’t be a dingleberry-brain, silly. The exhibit runs through April 20th at Meltdown Comics–home of the Nerdist Theater. Come down any day and check it out!

Deny your infatuation no longer. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mysterious young woman and stare at her face until it all makes sense. Surrender to intrigue. Drink the KStew.


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