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Movie Morsels: Jeff Goldblum on Playing the Grandmaster in THOR: RAGNAROK

Movie Morsels: Jeff Goldblum on Playing the Grandmaster in THOR: RAGNAROK

It’s Super Tuesday here at Movie Morsels, and I’m not talking politics. Today we have updates on no less than three upcoming superhero movies: Thor: Ragnarok, Aquaman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Plus, we have a ton of new video and photos from Fast 8, a new clip from Independence Day: Resurgence, and more!

Thor: Ragnarok

Isla Nublar, not The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Thor: Ragnarok is quickly filling up with more fan-favorite actors than any superhero movie ever. How else to describe a film that features Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Mark Ruffalo, Karl Urban, Cate Blanchett, and Jeff Goldblum? (In addition to god of thunder Chris Hemsworth.) And one of those favorites, Goldblum (pictured at the top of this page in this month’s Independence Day: Resurgence and directly above in full Jurassic Park sexy mode), has a few words to say about what we can expect from his gamesman, the cosmic Grandmaster.

Speaking with Empire magazine about his character, Goldblum reveals, “He’s a hedonist, a pleasure-seeker, an enjoyer of life and tastes and smells. I thought, ‘I can do that, I’ll bet!’ I’m working on my part every day. I’m a sponge, researching… [Director Taika Waititi] is encouraging me to improvise and make it my own, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I hope he doesn’t throw me out on the first day!”

Goldblum adds that he’ll work for three or four weeks during the film’s production in Brisbane, Australia. Shooting on Thor: Ragnarok commences on July 4 for a November 3, 2017 release.




Wondering who Arthur Curry will tackle in James Wan’s Aquaman? While promoting his latest film, The Conjuring 2, last weekend, the director had a few word to say about his first superhero movie’s villains. Yes, you read that correctly: villains. With an s

“I gotta say, one thing I love about the Aquaman world is all the really different, really interesting characters. They are interesting characters, including the villains—I’m not going to tell you which villains I’m going to play with! [laughs] But they’re super cool. They’re very larger than life, but they’re unique.”

Wan added that what brought him to the project was “the uniqueness of the Aquaman world. There are so many superhero movies now; I don’t want to make a superhero movie now for the sake of doing it, but there’s something unique to the world of Aquaman. There’s a reason why they’ve never made a movie about this until now, because technology has never allowed us to tackle something this complicated. And so because of that it feels like something different, and that uniqueness is what I’m excited about.”


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Civil War Shield

Peter Parker may have found a new friend close to his own age. (Not that there’s anything wrong with hanging out with 50-something Tony Stark, so long as he’s furnishing him with expensive gadgets.) The Dark Tower‘s 14-year-old star Michael Barbieri is in talks to join 20-year-old Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Could Barbieri be the latest Harry Osborn? Or is 14 just a little too young to play Peter’s classmate? Hmmm…


Fast 8

Whether or not director F. Gary Gray proves to be a worthy successor to Justin Lin in the Fast and the Furious franchise (many felt James Wan did not), there’s no question that the filmmaker is fan-friendly. Gray has been posting a storm of videos and pics from the Fast 8 set and location shoot in Iceland. Here’s just the latest batch of goodness…

#Crazyepic #action and #explosive #stunts on #fastandfuriousmovie set! #f8 #behindthescenes

A video posted by F Gary Gray (@fgarygray) on

#Iceland action. #f8 @fastandfuriousmovie #heavymetal Fastest Ice #charger ever made. #musclecar

A photo posted by F Gary Gray (@fgarygray) on

Testing bad guy toys! #fireinthehole #heavymetal #donttrythisathome #f8 @fastandfuriousmovie #behindthescenes

A video posted by F Gary Gray (@fgarygray) on

Just in case you missed it on Friday! #fastfridays #f8 #turnup #literally #behindthescenes

A video posted by F Gary Gray (@fgarygray) on


The Legend of Tarzan

Heads up, swingers! Alexander Skarsgard will be the biggest jungle king ever, literally, when he takes to the trees in stunning IMAX in the July 1 release The Legend of Tarzan. Here’s the IMAX trailer for the David Yates-directed film, co-starring Margot Robbie as Jane and Christoph Waltz as the hissable Big Bad…


Independence Day: Resurgence

Let’s end today’s Movie Morsels the way we began it… with Jeff Goldblum! Fox has kindly released a new clip from Independence Day: Resurgence, which finds Goldblum returning to his nerd hero role from Roland Emmerich’s original 1996 blockbuster. The Resurgence begins on June 24.

[20th Century Fox]

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Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

Images: Universal, Warner Bros., Marvel/Disney

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