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More Snowdrop Engine Goodness In Tom Clancy’s THE DIVISION

More Snowdrop Engine Goodness In Tom Clancy’s THE DIVISION

Last year, Ubisoft tore the house down at their press conference when they gave gamers their first glimpse at The Division, a massive multiplayer online shooter set in mid-apocalyptic New York City. The Division has garnered a massive amount of buzz for its ambitious take on online multiplayer, but the true head-turners for the game have been its stunning visuals, courtesy of the amazing Snowdrop Engine.

Today, the folks responsible for The Division, Massive Entertainment, released brand new screens showcasing the game’s epic. Check it out:

Oh, my, some of these screens look way too good for the unpleasant happenings featured within them, like the screen that shows the player’s character walking past a disturbing pile of corpses. Ubisoft also revealed Assassin’s Creed: Unity on Friday, and rumors of a possible Far Cry 4 (complete with elephant riding) also surfaced late last week, pretty much solidifying the fact that Ubisoft’s plate is stacked to the ceiling with AAA goodness. No pressure, Massive Entertainment, none at all.

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  1. Mr Advil says:

    Well after seeing all the vids on how downgraded Watchdogs has been since the amazing E3 to the latest gameplay preview on Gamespot, I am not holding my breathe on anything Ubisoft does. Its not that I am graphics make a game, its principle and selling somebody a product while advertising something better. Its unethical for any company to preform these business practices!