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More Nerdist Contributors!

The family is growing! I feel like a plump termite queen. Oh, the Thanksgiving we shall enjoy!

Please welcome three new Nerdist contributors:

Jay Fralick – FILM
Jay enjoys films and records a podcast to and from work/school.

Sandra Daugherty – SEX
Yes, I think a nerdy sexpert is a super-keen idea. Sandra sold me a fake penis for a sketch I did at UCB (really, it was only for comedy–I MEAN IT!) and was so funny I asked her to blog for me.

Chris Glass – DESIGN
Chris, aka, the designer of this site, is a bigshot over at Wire & Twine and is a brilliant man with a brilliant eye.

Hugs for all!


  • Aww, I want a hug!! Welcome to the new contributors!! You NEED a food nerd…I made you a Nerdist cookie, remember? LOL! j/k I do know a lot about food and cooking and recipes and junk, though.

  • I must agree with Hardwick here, setpixels…are you really that OCD about the spacing between letters? I think it looks fine. This whole website is a work of art. So glad Chris Glass is now a contributor.

  • What happened to Sandra’s “frenulum” post which appeared briefly on the site before this announcement? I had high hopes that it was going to totally save my night last night, but by the time the wife got home, the post was gone…

  • “plump termite queen”

    Ew. I don’t even know why, but that phrase made me clinch my ass. Literally. I have no idea why. I’m pretty sure I should be concerned.

    That said, new contributors are exciting and I am looking forward to their posts. I’m a huge fan of interesting people talking about interesting things.

  • Excited about the new contributors! It would be nice if you included them in your ‘About’ section, since I’m having a hard time keeping track of them all. Just a list of names, titles, and maybe a sentence or two about them. Plus, you should probably acknowledge them as actual members of the site.