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More Muppets

Most of you loved the first trailer, so, in Hangover 2 trailer style…

Muppets in jail with Danny Trejo in the next cell and Wanda Sykes as the guard. Those, by the way, are two of a very long list of celebrity cameos. They can probably get hundreds of parody trailers out of this thing before Thanksgiving rolls around.

HT: Yahoo! Movies


  1. dill says:

    Livius, you actually CAN make your own Muppet at Whatnot Shop in FAO Schwartz, or design online! My friend bought me one (of me) for Christmas and it’s easily the best present I ever got.;jsessionid=BLL6NpKBCnYy7FTDGqWMd9s1NH62Dpx5DWHLy3126qG1K3bxGwGt!-67715130

  2. Matt Storm says:

    Epic Win!

  3. Livius says:

    Lol at Danny.
    I hope they make him one by the end.

    I wish I had a muppet of me.