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More Fun With The Concept Of Freezing Water

5 seconds later, her nose shattered when she sneezed.

[via Break]

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  1. P kushy says:

    Dude, it’s obvious that water is not boiling… and it all clearly doesn’t evaporate…

    you musta been off some GOOD meds when posting this… but then again who in hollywood isnt;…

  2. Cool. I want to try that someday when I’m really cold to help me forget how cold I am.

    And yes, Robert Hoppe, I noticed the evaporation comment. It confused my mildly scientifically-educated brain.

  3. Robert Hoppe says:

    Anyone else notice who she said the water was evaporating, and not freezing? If the liquid water to evaporate into its gaseous form, it would require an increase in temperature.

    Just a modest scientific observation.


  4. Karen says:

    i first saw this courtesy of fred penner, much beloved by generations of canadians – – but happily it does not often get cold enough to duplicate this in toronto.