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More EPISODE VII Behind the Scenes Photos Reveal a Familiar Ship

Warning: if you don’t want to know anything about Star Wars: Episode VII, stop reading now.

While we had to wait forever to get any tidbits about Episode VII, it’s hard to keep everything under wraps now that filming is underway. I can’t imagine managing a production this big and trying to maintain secrecy. TMZ released a slew of photos from the set in Abu Dhabi yesterday, and today they’re at it again with images from the United Kingdom. The pictures reveal the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is currently under construction. Yep, the Millennium Falcon is going to be in Episode VII.

Sources – probably Bothans – told TMZ that the photos were taken inside a top secret location where prop makers and set builders are hard at work. While the ship that appears to be the Falcon is still in progress, it’s hard to imagine that it’s any other spaceship. The saucer shape is there, and the cockpit is present. It looks promising. Since Han Solo is returning for Episode VII, seeing the Millennium Falcon isn’t a stretch. I guessed it was coming, but it gives me chills to know I’ll probably get to jump into hyperspace with Han and Chewie again.

Besides the Millennium Falcon, you can spot some creatures and other ships coming together in the shop. This includes the giant warthog-like creation revealed in the Abu Dhabi set photos.




Does this look like an X-wing to anyone else?


Are you looking forward to seeing the Millennium Falcon fly across the screen again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

HT: TMZ, top image via Scified

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  1. Ed says:

    Okay people, I don’t know how many of you are EU fans, but there are a lot of constants in the star wars universe. One: Jedi, two: sith, three: R2D2, four: C3PO, FIVE: Millenium Falcon. Almost seen or referred to in every(almost) EU book written. So none of this is sirprising to us. My guess is this episode vii is going to be jason solo turning to the darkside and starting his corruption of ben skywalker. But we will see.

  2. Kris says:

    Can’t wait for this movie!!  I am #1 a Disney nerd, and #2 a STAR WARS geek.  This is my dream come true!!  😉  Thrilled to see the Falcon back in action!! 

  3. that looks like a variation on an X-Wing… maybe a newer model… nice to see the Falcon back for sure!

  4. Ron in OKC says:

    That is not an X-Wing. It has ONE big engine intake, the X-Wing has one for each of its four engines. The cockpit is shaped wrong and too far forward and the nose is wrong. 

  5. George Cohen says:

    I hope Harrison can play another character besides the angry old man. 

  6. Matt S says:

    What if they blow it up in the first movie to tug at our heart-strings. That would be a twist!

  7. These leaks are nothing important…  If you remember, the original 3 movies (ep4, ep5, ep6) came out in book form way before the movies were released.  The story was known by anyone that wanted to know it prior to the movie coming out.  Each release was sold out even with the books being read.  Reading the story made me want to see the movie even more.

  8. Woad says:

    That last piece looks very distinctively like the late Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept design for the X-Wing from 1976.×281.jpg

  9. Idi_Amin says:

    Which one is that? Is that the NCC-1588 USS Crossfield, or the  NCC 518 Saladin? I’m not familiar with Star Battles, so I don’t know what the main characters are.

  10. Dennis Janak says:

    While the Falcon would be great to see, as it equates to a classic car and would be believable that she’s still flying after 30 years, I would be very disappointed in seeing the “traditional” X-wings still in service.  At the time of the original trilogy, they are already hunks of junk the Rebellion managed to put together. I would think 30 years later, we’d have newer ships or newer models, similar to how 30 years before we had different models.

    • Jeff Koenig says:

      If you look at the body shape of the ship pictured, particularly the cockpit and nose section forward the engines, you’ll notice it’s shorter and sleeker than the OT X-Wings. *If* this is the X-Wing of the film, it’s an updated design.

    • Marcus Toroan says:

      The US military has been using the M16 series rifle for a good 50+ years now. It’s come a LONG way from the original and A1 models, but the M16A4, or M4A1, or even the Mk18 are the same basic direct gas impingement, rotating bolt, 5.56 NATO firing rifles that Eugene Stoner designed back in the 50s and 60s. All major parts are still interchangeable, even.
      With this in mind, why would an upgraded X-wing be such a stretch to believe to be still in service?

  11. They already revealed in an official release that the Millennium Falcon was going to appear in Episode VII. A while ago.
    And that is definitely an X-wing 

  12. thomas says:

    Does it come with a handicap placard?

  13. Jon Bright says:

    i suggest using animation for the ships because animation now a days is amazing and improving

    • No.  Just… so wrong. 

    • Ace says:

      But still extremely limited when it comes to adding it to a film. It’s probably easier to just build the thing rather than get all the poly-res’s, textures, shadings, lights, angles, and other things right.

  14. mmaves says:

    Sooooo, sometimes I think I’m a Star Wars nerd, and then I read all the comment threads below, remember I don’t have time to read books anymore, and am suddenly grateful that the Ep. VII will only be based on movie cannon, because I apparently don’t recall anything of the awesomely geeky things I used to know…it’s a shame…

  15. Darth Bane says:

    It’s very surprising too see that they are actually building these ships. I would have thought they would go the CGI route again.

    • Rik says:

      Not surprising at all considering the backlash Lucas got for his nearly-completely CGI prequels.  Abrams said he wanted more practical effects and real sets.

  16. skylordric says:

    That doesn’t look like an original X-wing. It might be a gen 2 or 3 X-wing but it too fat in the mid and the thrusters look wrong. And no nose cone.

  17. While odds are good that is the Millenium Falcon, don’t forget the Falcon isn’t the only YT-1300 out there, just one of the best known. It does make sense that with Han returning, the Falcon would, too, no matter how old she’s getting Han would give up Leia before he’d give up the Falcon LOL.

  18. N says:

    I love that so many of the original cast will be in the new movie. As for the Millennium Falcon and X-wing being in it I am a bit happy, but seriously Han Solo would have come a long way in 30 years with all his wheeling and dealing…so technically he would have a newer improved vehicle in that length of time… maybe be like the vintage car enthusiasts with wanting cars from their youth, maybe Han would have the Millennium Falcon restored and show it off… Regardless, I am very happy and excited for the next movies to be released!!! 

    • Steven says:

      Han always expressed how much he loved the Falcon, why give her up? It’s like many people who don’t give up their old cars, and those cars can’t make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

    • CW says:

      It belongs to Chewie now.  Han lost the Falcon in another Sabacc game.  “Let the Wookie win.”

    • Jason says:

      The Han Solo I know would never part with the Falcon.

    • Aneddu says:

      I am going to point out that through the course of the books after the movies han kept the falcon…ssolo yea just saying he would still have it

  19. DeltaFox says:

    That isn’t an X-wing. At least not the same version from the original trilogy. Even is incomplete the main engines are different and so is how the wings interlock. Sweet nonetheless!

    • Michael says:

      Looks more like a late model Z-95 Headhunter.

      • True, which doesn’t make much sense as they were obsolete before BOY

        • Rahn solo says:

          Oh yeah thats a type of head hunter there for sure. the falcon is “obsolete” too, its.. ummm.. modified i guess LOL

        • Sam says:

          Actually, the Headhunter was still in use during and after the Galactic War. Even so, this is definitely an X-wing.

        • Will Hoke says:

          In the old EU that didn’t stop anyone who needed a cheap fighter from using them.

  20. Also Disney needs to figure out where these leaks are coming from, they will eventually really spoil the movie for fans.

    • AC says:

      Probably from Disney themselves to build hype.

    • Darth Malak says:

      there’s nothing really wrong with the leaks, it’s not like we are finding out the entire storyline from a few pictures of props and sets. 

      • JEDIDIAH says:

        Leaks of this kind occured with the original movies. I still  have some old clippings from Starlog where they “exposed” the Sarlacc Pit set in Yuma.

  21. I don’t think anyone is surprised by these two ships being included. Luke and Han are back so it would make sense that their ships would be as well, though I do think it would be a little odd to see an old jedi like Luke piloting the same ship from 30 years ago. Still I am VERY excited. 

    • Kyle says:

      According to the now non-cannon books that expanded on this series, the X-Wing is still in production, however like most military aircraft it has been retrofitted and upgraded over time.

    • GhostRaziel says:

      not entirely that strange, it’s actually very very common to see pilots get attached to one specific aircraft or even one specific type of aircraft, same thing happens with pro race car drivers, pro cyclists, even pro golfers have their special set of clubs that they always seem to play better with, so not at all surprised Luke (who bases the new jedi order off of allowing attachment ) would get attached to his X Wing that he knows inside and out

    • Darth Bane says:

      In some of the books Luke keeps the same ship because R2D2 has been in it so much the computer system has conformed around his personality, making him the only droid that can talk to the ships computer. Which has also increased its proccessing power, making everything in his ship run even faster than normal X-wings. So even though it’s an older model, it’s actually more efficient and better than newer ones

  22. Darren J Ley says:

    So is this new construction, or are they recycling old pieces of the original Falcon?

  23. Jack says: