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More Bowling Nerdism: Belmonte Interviews Hardwick, Bowling Meets Pokemon


In case you didn’t get enough of Chris Hardwick’s bowling prowess on ESPN this weekend (congratulations to the victorious Silver Lake Atom Splitters tandem of Chris Barnes and Chris Hardwick!), one of the other competitors, pro bowler Jason Belmonte (the one with that two-handed shovel style who paired with Chris Paul in the celebrity tournament), interviewed Chris for the International Art of Bowling’s Bowler to Bowler. That video’s above, and they have a nice rapport, so it’s definitely worth watching.

But if that isn’t enough to convert every nerd into a bowling fan, this oughta do it. The IAB did this video that takes the old Pokemon Red/Blue games and shows us what it would be like to play a bowling RPG:


Suddenly, I’m wondering where my Game Boy is.


  1. Grimlyn says:

    Hardwick…You make bowling sexy again. Nohomo.