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Monsters, Hillbillies, and Horses: The Dodgers Go Hollywood

With Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium (and Chris Hardwick’s first pitch) coming Monday, July 2nd (buy tickets now!), I thought it might be a good time to take a look at some of the greatest players in Los Angeles Dodgers history.

Who among us could ever forget the strapping young slugger Herman Munster?:

(There’s one ethnic comment there that would never make it past standards and practices today, rightly so. And how about a Vietnam-related joke for 1965?)

Or another Leo Durocher discovery, the raw but talented Jethro Bodine, of the Clampett clan:


Finally, they still talk about the day the Famous Mister Ed hit that inside-the-park homer off Sandy Koufax at Chavez Ravine, sending catcher John Roseboro leaping onto the backstop to escape the sliding hoof:

Perhaps manager Don Mattingly will watch Chris throw out the first pitch and immediately sign our guy to a free agent deal and put him in the rotation, or Jabba the Hutt could get the call to be Clayton Kershaw’s personal catcher, or Admiral Ackbar could be the third base coach for the night (“Hold up! It’s a trap!”)…. or not. But you should join us Monday for Star Wars Night, featuring Chris, lots of Star Wars characters, and the awesome all-you-can-eat deal in the right field pavilion with a special edition t-shirt, which reminds me: Click here and buy tickets now. You really gotta come on out. If a horse can hit a homer there, you never know what else might happen.

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  1. Offensive? I don’t think so. “Hate” is a little extreme — he gives Matt a hard time because that’s fun for everyone (except Matt, but he’s a Red Sox fan, so he should be used to it by now), but he’s excited about doing this, because it’s an honor, because the whole night is looking like a lot of fun, and because, hey, it’s Star Wars Night, so, that.

    I, of course, having been a rabid baseball fan since the Jurassic era and never myself having been invited to throw out the first pitch anywhere, am extremely jealous… er, very happy for him. Happy, yes, that’s the word.

  2. Jetouellet says:

    I love Chris, he’s my favourite comedian, but he hates sports. Isn’t it kind of offensive that’s he throwing out a first pitch?