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Mission Log: Supplemental 003 – The One With Bobby Clark

John and Ken talk with Bobby Clark – AKA “The Gorn” – about his times on Star Trek. Plus listener feedback! It’s a festival!


  1. ha borst says:

    Hi, I just wanted to contact Mr. Clark, he probably doesn’t remember this, but in summer 2007, we were at the comicon at Cherry Hill, NJ, and Mr. Clark autographed a pic of himself as Gorn and Kirk then allowed my husband and I to have our picture taken with him by the wonderful lady who has played Worf’s wife and a Romulan female. I wanted to thank him, it was the highlight of our first and only trip to comicon. My husband recently passed away from a long battle with cancer, but he was so please to me you Sir. Thank you — Mrs. David Borst, Churchton, MD.