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Mission Log #55 – Episode 055 – Assignment: Earth

The Enterprise goes back in time to 1968 to find out how the Earth avoided a particular disaster. But will Gary Seven – the futuristic man they meet – cause the disaster or stop it? And what part will the crew of the Enterprise play? Find out as we put “Assignment: Earth” in the Mission Log.


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  1. Jonathan Mansfield says:

    Well technically if the Enterprise wouldn’t have been there they wouldn’t have met Gary 7 or intercepted his teleport. So he probably would have been able to complete his mission without the enterprise intervening. So maybe the time line shifted without them realizing it making so it happened at that time. So they think it was them when if they wouldn’t have been there Gary would have just finished his mission.

  2. amysrevenge says:

    I remember being very confused by this one when I saw it as a teen. Didn’t feel like a Star Trek show at all. I was not experienced enough to see it immediately as a pilot for a whole different show.