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Mission Log #37 – Episode 037 – I, Mudd

The entire crew of the Enterprise is stranded on a planet populated by 200,000 androids controlled by an old nemesis, Harry Mudd. But who is really in control? Find out when we put “I, Mudd” into the Mission Log.


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  1. Joe says:

    Why does the Enterprise have 400 or so personnel on board? They work in shifts. Amazing how it was that trouble always happened when Kirk was on duty. You’d think that someone would tell him to take the rest of the five year mission off. That way they would get in less trouble and lose less red shirts.

  2. Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola says:

    The trouble with using Maslow to bolster an argument is that his work has been discredited in the field of Management; we teach in every Principles of Management foundational class that his model is not sound. That doesn’t mean that the argument being made (and using Maslow as support) is wrong; but it’s important to support that argument with something other than Maslow.