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Mission Log #29 – Episode 029 – Operation: Annihilate!

Madness is sweeping the galaxy. Or – more accurately – madness is drawing a straight line through the galaxy. Can Kirk, Spock and McCoy stop it without killing a million people? Find out when we put “Operation: Annihilate!” in the Mission Log!


  1. Old Doctor says:

    @Tausif Khan on – they indeed did tell us that this episode ended the first season.

    Speaking of Kirk’s non-lamented family, what happened to Sam’s other two sons? In “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” we first learn that Kirk has a brother – from another doppelganger I might add – and he states that he has a wife and 3 sons. What did Sam do sell two to pay his way to Deneva?

  2. Tausif Khan says:

    How about telling the listeners of the podcast that this episode marks the end of the shows first season?

  3. MichaelH says:

    The creatures on the doorframe freaked me out so much as a kid that I hated going though my own front hall for many years afterwards (there was a doorframe without a door before the main door). And it’s always been a striking image that stayed with me.

  4. Wildride says:

    And it’s Constitution Class. Enterprise-D is Galaxy Class. Picard’s old ship the Stargazer was Constellation Class.

  5. Wildride says:

    You described the Enterprise as the flagship of the Federation. It absolutely wasn’t. In TNG, yes, the Enterprise-D was considered the flagship (colloquially, obviously, since it rarely had any Admirals aboard), but that was largely based on the reputation that Kirk’s Enterprise would earn in retrospect. During the run of TOS, the Enterprise was never treated as being anything special, beyond the accomplishments of the crew itself.