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Mission Log #25 – Episode 025 – The Devil in the Dark

The Enterprise comes to the aid of a group of miners being hounded by a monster deep under ground. But – in true Star Trek fashion – we are left to wonder whether there is a monster at all when we put “The Devil in the Dark” in the Mission Log.


  1. sam says:

    if you guys are doing one a week. and doing all 726 episodes… i shall pray for you. because that would take 13 years almost 14… but i have loved all of them so far and cannot wait till the next one! keep up the good work!

  2. Morey says:

    Star Trek was a show about people. There, I’ve said it. Rodenberry’s genius was in creating a science-fiction series that didn’t depend on a big concept (Battlestar Galactica, Space: 1999) a mystery (Lost) or a twist (Twilight Zone). And as such, a lot of the episodes were vehicles for character development. The horta was a plot device; nothing more. But what wonderful interplay between the three leads: Spock’s loyalty for his friend, McCoy’s easy relationship with his Captain; and we learn a lot about Kirk’s style, his humour and tenacity. A really wonderful episode.

  3. Geo says:

    I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!