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Mission Log #16: Episode 016- The Galileo Seven

After well over a decade in Starfleet Spock is given his first command. Spoiler alert: leading is about more than logic, as evidenced by the fate of “The Galileo Seven.”


  1. Wildride says:

    Well, we’re 3 days early for our rendez-vous, so we might as well check out this Quasar. Uh, no, why don’t you just call them up, tell them you’re ahead of schedule and you’ll meet them at a closer point. I mean, no one is gonna complain that you’re getting the medicine there too soon, or if you’re cutting days off their part of the journey.

  2. Wildride says:

    What does the red spectrum tell us about Quasars? 😉

  3. Raphael D. Swift says:

    All quasars ever discovered (the first discovery was about 50 years ago) are still “there,” so this is the only truly undisputed observational measurement of their lifetime.

    However they are thought to be the centers of distant galaxies and moving away at great velocities, so who knows what this ‘quasar like object’ really is.