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Mission Log #13: Episode 013- The Conscience of the King

Is Kirk watching MacBeth? Or is he seeing a war criminal, believed to be dead for the past 20 years? The Mission Log’s the thing wherein we’ll examine “The Conscience of the King.”


  1. Morey says:

    I haven’t heard any mention of the fact that Grace Lee Whitney was actually, by her own admission, dismissed by Rodenberry for alcohol and drug abuse. There have been a few mentions of her on the podcasts that have suggested that her departure might have been a creative decision (or maybe her decision.) Also, she was much older when she did the show than I realized. I assumed she was mid-20’s. She was, in fact, 36. I’m impressed.

  2. Durakken says:

    Kirk never hit on a 13 year old. Physically, yes, she was 13, but she wasn’t 13 in actual age. This is also not “strange” given that Kirk and the rest of the crew would be used to alien cultures where different ages are considered adult or not and as such a person that looked 13, but really 313 or whatever it was and considered an adult within the culture would be perfectly acceptable especially given that she acts “older” for what we see…though that reveals the real problem within the episode which is that Miri doesn’t act like a 313 year old, even in a primitive society, by any standard most of us would put forward but rather a 16-18 year old.