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Mission Log #12: Episode 012- The Menagerie Part 1&2

The cast of Star Trek watches the original pilot for Star Trek. Loyalty, compassion and what might have been are examined as “The Menagerie” goes into the Mission Log.


  1. Carl says:

    I find the trivia about the behind the scenes goings-on (film schedules and actor intrigue) at least as fascinating about the in-universe story trivia. What a trove of entertainment! Thanks again for a great episode. I love that our hosts can sometimes agree and build on each other’s opinions and at other times can disagree but respect each other’s reasoning.

  2. Terry Roberts says:

    As for a message, what about doing what you KNOW to be right regardless of whether the State rules stupidly forbid it? Don’t mindlessly bow to authority; fight for what you know is right even when the powers that be have made up a dumb rule forbidding it.

  3. Terry Roberts says:

    Also, this isn’t the “good of the one outweighs the good of the many.” Again, Spock finds the risk to everyone else negligible. The “many” do not come into it, really. So then it’s just the life of a captain versus the life of his subordinate. Spock knows he may be executed for what he’s done, but he might think that won’t really happen. Even if it does, it won’t be HIS action. It will be the action of wrong-headed admirals killing him for doing something good. He feels that he can’t avoid doing something good that will save Pike even if he runs the high risk of being put to death by people he views as idiots.

  4. Terry Roberts says:

    Regarding the Menagerie, I just disagree that Spock’s actions are “illogical.” An “appeal to authority” is a logical flaw. He does not accept you can’t go to Talos IV just because someone who READ about him going there SAYS so. Spock has more experience there than anyone. Spock thumbs his nose at admirals all through TOS, the movies, and TNG when he thinks he knows best. The risks are negligible and the reward is great. He is also horrified by the waste of Pike’s mind and potential. Arrogant? Maybe. Illogical? No. And he was right.

  5. David says:

    Arguably the best episode of the series, in my humble opinion.