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Mike Doyle’s Abandoned LEGO Victorian Houses Are Sublimely Spooky

Mike Doyle’s Abandoned LEGO Victorian Houses Are Sublimely Spooky

It’s no secret that we love ourselves some LEGOs around the Nerdist offices. Whether it’s the trailer for the seriously awesome-looking trailer for The LEGO Movie or the LEGO Chris Hardwick that currently lives in our lobby, we’re big time fans of the Danish building blocks, especially when enterprising fans take the toys and transform them into art. Enter Mike Doyle, one of the best LEGO master builders on the scene. Recently, Doyle took a trip down memory lane, using 130,000 blocks and 600 hours to transform a pile of pieces into some incredible recreations of abandoned Victorian houses. We shudder to think how many times he’s stepped on them barefoot, but as you’ll see below, his sacrifice was not for nothing.








Pretty impressive, huh? What do you think of Mike Doyle’s pieces? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: HiConsumption]


  1. Mary Ogle says:

    Hey guys – just so you know – the facebook like box is getting cut off on PC Firefox 22. And those houses are incredible.

  2. Trish Foil says:

    They are awesome!! Wish I had the time and patience to do that!

  3. ANTHONY says:

    i want to see a lego guy film a ghost adventure in one of them looking for playmobile lost souls.