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Episode 57: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
Dakin Farm Farmhouse Mix
Mike and Tom Eat SnacksMike and Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #57: Dakin Farm Farmhouse Mix

Listen to find out who sent this week’s snack and what it is!

Music by General Pants & the Privates – “Sway”


  1. Jon says:

    Never mind my local store, I couldn’t even find this snack on the internet. Gimme something I can relate to.

  2. Courtney says:

    Parts of this episode made me laugh so hard I choked on the delicious trail mix I was eating. Would’ve been better if I hadn’t been at work and needed the Heimlich. Worth it though.

  3. John Book says:

    This is the second time my name was mentioned in a Mike And Tom Eat Snacks, although for the second time, it refers to Harrison Ford’s character in WITNESS and not me. If there was ever a chance I was a special guest on the show (for no good reason other than to share a snack), I would be willing to speak in the Amish accent as heard in the show.