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Episode 53: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
Episode 53
Mike and Tom Eat SnacksMike and Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #53: Zapp’s Potato Chips

We’re back! Listen to find out this week’s snack!


  • **Spoiler**

    I’m a bigger fan of Dirty Chips (Zapp’s owns that brand too, but I think they’re all owned by Utz now)

    Also, Kettle is owned by Diamond. None of them are small mom & pops anymore

  • Disappointed to see you guys didn’t have a chance to try the Voodoo flavor. I’m not a big chip guy anymore, but I could eat the Zapp’s Voodoo chip non-stop for the rest of my life.

  • Hi, longtime viewer, first time caller.
    Tom: “Taylor polynomial series”?! Wow, that was the best and least expected mathematical reference I’ve ever heard from a thespian-snackologist. Kudos® to you! I can’t imagine you’d have heard that phrase since college, assuming you knew that shit from school, so … very nice job pulling that out of your orifice.

    Or if you researched and planted that intentionally for the math nerds on account of the new home of MATES, well, nice job either way.