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Episode 52: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
Episode 52
Mike and Tom Eat SnacksMike and Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #52: RC Cola and Moon Pie

Listen to find out what today’s snacks are!


  1. Lizbeth says:

    Justin, you brought up an excellent snack fact but to be fair we should at least consider the possibility that Matty Ice developed this janelli in the 50’s.

  2. Justin says:

    Good podcast, but I was heartbroken that there was no discussion that this snack combo was historically known as the “working man’s lunch”. 10¢ for the combo in Tennessee in the 50s.

    This despite the fact that it’d make a horrible lunch, especially for a laborer.

    To hear the podcast, you’d think Matty Ice had just thrown the combo together at random.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Matty Ice you are a true revolutionary. Excellent podcast as always Mateys!

  4. Little Miss Doom and Gloom says:

    I also don’t drink coffee! And I like green tea without honey. My mom loves honey. Also I’m scared of Tom, so I bought your book. And I dislike how dry moonpies are. But Matty ice seems cool.

  5. Tom Steele says:


  6. Scott says:

    Great job Matty Ice. Let’s hope they get to “Scott from Omaha’s” snack sometime soon but no chance he could ever live up the brilliance of the bottled RC – even with the slightly higher postage.

    – Scott in Omaha

  7. ryan says:

    opening line of this podcast: ‘If you think its JUST snacks, your right, its JUST snacks.’ perfect.

  8. Matt White says:

    I am possibly the whitest man alive.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Seriously this. Matt(y) Ice for prez. Are you white? Doesn’t matter. Just wondering. For a friend.

  10. Matt White says:

    Matty Ice here, great to hear yourself rated on this awesome podcast.

  11. Brodie Spears says:

    I also RAWDOG my green tea in the morning. Hear that? of course you can’t because you are an actual viewer of this, but I just RAWDOGGED my tea. All over the place.