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@midnight Last Night: Sean Patton, Michelle Buteau, Moshe Kasher

@midnight Last Night: Sean Patton, Michelle Buteau, Moshe Kasher

LogoAtMidnightSean Patton, Michelle Buteau and Moshe Kasher played @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night. Among the targets: OKCupid usernames, #sadtoys, Sochi water, Beatles Amazon reviews, and Internet celebrity Sir Fedora.


Rapid Refresh – The Legend of Sir Fedora

Renaming the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Creationism Debate

Live Challenge – Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bland

Redflag – Tampon Ninja

Sad Etsy Boyfriends – Human Earring Rack

See the whole episode by clicking here.

Next? Neko Case, Kurt Braunohler, and James Adomian at 12/11c on Comedy Central, right after The Colbert Report. Follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, make sure you’re following the Twitter account. And if you want to see the show tape in person here in L.A., you can, for free; just click here for details.


  1. What Happened To The Quemments says:

    Adam Sessler, Kevin Pereira, and Morgan Webb should do an episode the way Community has one coming up.

    That or just Kevin, he’s really quick with the dick jokes.