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Microsoft Will Give You $100 Credit Towards An Xbox One For Your PS3

Microsoft Will Give You $100 Credit Towards An Xbox One For Your PS3

Whoa, holy shots fired, guys: Microsoft sent out a massive email to folks today, beckoning them to kick their PlayStation 3 consoles to the curb in exchange for a $100 credit towards an Xbox One. The ad reads a little something like this:


Oh, snapping turtles, that’s what I call a bonafide jab from the Microsoft team. You can also trade in an Xbox 360 (slim or fat) up until March 2nd at Microsoft stores to receive credit towards an Xbox One. If anything, this is a smart move by the big green machine, as ultimately they’d be converting part of PlayStation’s user base into Xbox owners long as folks were willing to take them up on this offer. Even so, their email dig at Sony is still liable to make and your buddies go:

Regular Show gift

At the end of the day, it’s good to know that the competitive nature between Microsoft and Sony is still good for a decent laugh. If you’re interested in hopping on this deal, all you need is a working PS3 (dead units need not apply) and you can head to your local Microsoft store right this minute. Or, you can take the advice of the other side in retort and do the following:


HT: NeoGaf, Kotaku