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Microsoft Announces Kinect-less Xbox One For $399

Microsoft Announces Kinect-less Xbox One For $399

Microsoft just announced a Kinect-free Xbox One, scheduled for release this June for $399. The SKU will be available “in all markets where Xbox One is sold,” according to the head of Xbox Phil Spencer. For those who might suffer from separation anxiety and don’t want to be pulled away from their precious Kinect sensor, there will be a standalone made available in stores this fall.

Phil_Spencer_XboxOneWhy is this such an important development? Because for the first time in this new generation of Xbox One and PS4 industrial clashing, the playing field is finally even. I find it very interesting that Microsoft made this announcement well before E3, the time where price drops and new packages of this magnitude normally get revealed. If anything, it’s an indicator that the boys and girls in green have some stellar announcements to make at their press conference, which takes place the same day this new $399 Xbox One hits store shelves.

Does the Xbox One’s shiny new price drop make you sound appealing to you? Jump in the comments below and tell us how you feel about today’s announcement.