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Mickey Mouse: 2013

In the 1920’s, one mustachioed man and one tiny mouse started an animation revolution that would single-handedly change the world, and then, just as quick as he burst onto the scene, Mickey Mouse was gone, leaving the spotlight to lions and toys and musical high school kids. Sure, he’d pop up from time to time in a supporting role (or dumbed down into Dora with a tail), but for the most part Mickey was enjoying a state of semi-retirement.

Luckily for us, that’s all been changed.

Starting a few weeks ago and continuing until July 19th, the Disney Channel has been airing a series of brand new Mickey Mouse shorts, in the style of the older cartoons in which we came to know and love that happy little mouse. Created in collaboration with the minds behind such animated gems as The Powerpuff GirlsDexter’s Laboratory and  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, these new shorts find Mickey and the gang in a series of international adventures, honoring the truly global appeal that Mickey Mouse undeniably has. Another added bonus for Disney nerds is that the animation style (in my opinion) is an homage to one of Disney’s most beloved artists, the incredible Mary Blair.

As of this article, three of the shorts have already aired (“Croissant De Triumph,” “No Service,” and “Yodelberg“), and the rest will continue to air on the Disney Channel and on the network’s website.

Check out the first of the shorts by clicking the graphic at the top of the page, and make sure to toon in (You knew I’d do it) to the rest once they air, because the world has seriously been in need of a hero… and that hero is a mouse named Mickey.

Love these new Mickey Shorts? Got a favorite old-school Mickey Cartoon?  Leave a comment, email me, or say hi and howdy on ye olde Twitter Machine.



  1. good diets says:

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  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    Being a long time Disney fan ,I have to say these new shorts are AWESOME !!! .

  3. bastien says:

    “In the 1940′s, one mustachioed man and one tiny mouse started an animation revolution that would single-handedly change the world”

    You’re surely referring to Ub Iwerks, of course.

  4. chris says:

    In the 40s? The character was really at his height throughout the 30s. And debuted in the 20s of course