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Michelle Obama Will Appear in PARKS AND RECREATION’s Season Finale

Michelle Obama Will Appear in PARKS AND RECREATION’s Season Finale

Quick! Hide you Sweetums stash, put down the Child Sized sodas, and forget everything you ever knew about JJ’s Diner’s delicious waffles, because First Lady Michelle Obama is heading to NBC’s Parks and Recreation. It’s true, Pawneeans, the season six-ender episode — titled “Moving Up” — will feature the attempted-comedic stylings of the most stylish Obama of the bunch.

There’s little word as to what the scenario will be surrounding an encounter between the FLOTUS and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), but it does mark the fifth instance of a high-profile politician showing his or her face on the series. Prior to Obama, Senators John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snowe have all made cameos on the series. And who could forget the day that Leslie met the man of her dreams (sorry, Ben), Vice President Joe Biden.

Though let’s be frank: if Leslie tried a move like that on Ms. Obama, we’re fairly certain she’d be taken to the gun show (you know, because Michelle’s arms are ferocious). There were no reports of any such shenanigans, though, as the episode was shot recently in Miami. “Moving Up” — no doubt a nod to the “Let’s Move!” initiative — is slated to air on on April 24th of this year and will be a whole hour long! This’ll be better than a Mouse Rat reunion.

Are you excited for the First Lady’s appearance on Parks and Rec? Let us know in the comments.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter