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Michael Cera Just Beyoncéd His New Album, TRUE THAT

Michael Cera Just Beyoncéd His New Album, TRUE THAT

For someone with such a milquetoast screen persona, Michael Cera is a pretty polarizing figure. Show me someone who wanted to eat him up after his endearingly awkward breakthrough performances in Arrested Development and Superbad, and I’ll show you someone else who wanted to whack him on the head with a two by four after playing the romantic lead in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (which is a great movie btw). But at least Cera is aware of how he’s perceived, as demonstrated by his coke-snorting, Rihanna-butt-slapping self-parody in This is the End. And hey, the kid’s not a half-bad musical performer. Last night, Cera took a page from Queen Bey’s book and released a full eighteen-track album titled true that — the cover for which can be glimpsed above — on Bandcamp, where it can now be streamed for free. You can also listen to the album’s first track “uhohtrouble” below.

Since he was bass player for Mister Heavenly’s tour several years ago, we’re not completely shocked that Cera is capable of noodling on several instrument, or that he has been stockpiling quaint little indie jams–including a very good Blaze Foley cover–that find soul in untucked-and-ruffled sonics that are charming, and maybe even promising. No we just need a music video for every track and he’ll have truly Beyoncéd.

What do you think–does Cera have what it takes for a serious career in music or should he stick to making fun of Michael Cera in movies? We’re cool if he keeps doing both. Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Scroll up, look at the face of Michael Cera, that is the face I made when listening to this album. 

  2. Tom says:

    Its a fun and quirky little album.  The reviews online are mostly positive, probably coming from mostly fans of Mr Cera, rather than on its musical merit.  I streamed it, but probably won’t pony up the $7.  Could see some of the tunes used in a commercial or indie film.  Not bad at all.