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Melting Brains with Chris and Chloe on “4 Points”

Our pals Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra join Alex Albrecht ‘n’ Alison Haislip for this week’s edition of the Nerdist Channel’s 4 Points with Alex Albrecht. The topics include melting brains, TV on tablets, the possibility of a real-life “touch of death”, and pop bottle meth labs at Walmart. Separate stories.

Click here and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel so you and your melted brain don’t miss a thing on your tablet while cooking meth in a bottle at Walmart. Whoops — left out the touch of death. Sorry.


  1. Imriel Courcel says:

    I have the same t-shirt as Chris. Yesssssss.

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    Goddammit, I’ve got to get back into this show. It’s so good!

    I must be an evolutionary throw-back, because I got goosebumps @ around 22:45 when it got real cold on the set.

    No homemade C10 H15 N recipes from me, but it’s fucking annoying to get carded for antihistamines now! Thanks tweakers!

  3. Matt Grandis says:

    I especially enjoyed the sounds of crickets at 09:42.