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Mel Brooks Doing His Own Autobiographical One Man Show

Mel Brooks Doing His Own Autobiographical One Man Show

Throughout the last several years, you might have heard or read a classic showbiz story by Mel Brooks, possibly even during his appearance on the Nerdist Podcast. The comedy legend is now putting a collection of his stories in a one-night-only one man show to play next week on April 28th at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. As you’d expect and wouldn’t want any other way with a Mel Brooks project, Mel will be acting, directing himself, producing, and writing it as well.

Brooks could probably just tell stories from just the routine times having Zankou Chicken and watching TV with Carl Reiner. Yet, Mel probably has as many celebrated performances on stage and in film and TV in his illustrious career as accompanying tales of what went on behind-the-scenes. With that in mind, you should note that Brooks is one of the few people that has actually won the all awards in an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).

It should also be no surprise that the performance is already sold out. Hopefully, this one-off show will be released for the rest of us to see, especially since it apparently is going to be filmed by Brooksfilms Limited.



  1. Kristine T. says:

    Too bad they’re not broadcasting it somehow. Maybe bits will appear on youtube.

  2. That HBO special from 3 years ago with Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett was absolutely amazing. I think it was called Together Again. All you folks reading this need to go find it!!!