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MEGALODON Appears! Giant Shark Found In BATTLEFIELD 4

MEGALODON Appears! Giant Shark Found In BATTLEFIELD 4

Battlefield 4 might’ve just nabbed the award for coolest multiplayer Easter Egg ever. Since its release in October of last year, Battlefield 4 players have been scavenging the game’s entire play area in search of a giant killer shark named Megalodon. Now, for the first time ever, the folks at jackfrags have captured his appearance in a recording during a play session of the new Naval Strike DLC. Take a look at this Easter egg madness:

Well, doesn’t that look like a “whale of a time,” haha… ahem. Here’s the occurrence from an even scarier angle recorded by youtuber Mattler119:

Sorry if you were expecting a Free Willy-esque moment with our pal Megalodon– he knows how cruel an online multiplayer environment can be. This Easter egg was just as badass as the GTA V Bigfoot Easter Egg.

Sound off about your favorite video game Easter Eggs in the comments.

HT: jackfrags, Mattler119