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Mega Marvel Panel Pre-Show!

Who’s having a Marvel-ous time at Comic-Con this year? We sure are! And with Marvel‘s big Hall H panel just a few hours away, we’re recapping the many, many Marvel newspieces that’ve hit the web in the lead-up to the main event!

Get pumped for a look at some of the very familiar folks who’ll bring ABC’s Agent Carter to the screen, word of a trio of actors who’ve dropped out of Ant-Man, and a shocking, last-minute Dr. Strange casting choicePlus, wanna check out the best collectibles Comic-Con has to offer? Yeah, you do.

Enjoy our show, come back later for a big wrap-up of the day, and let us know in the comments below whether you like this surprising direction for the Sorcerer Supreme! For even more up-to-the-minute coverage from SDCC 2014, join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NerdistSDCC.


  1. cristina says:

    I’m still hopeful for Cumberbatch as Dr Strange

  2. Blake says:

    Love Joaquin for Doctor Strange. Can’t see him doing the multi deal though.

  3. sean says:

    “dressed as an anime” – fantastic

  4. Wait did I see a quick peek of a LEGO Attack on Titan character? If so it probably was Levi or Mikasa.

  5. John says:

    Cumberbatch would have been great as Doctor Strange!