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Meet The Pride of Erie PA, Featuring Mike Phirman

prideoferiepaletsstartabandepYou know Mike Phirman, Chris Hardwick’s partner-in-music in Hard ‘n Phirm and the one-man-house-band on BBC America’s The Nerdist. But did you know he’s in a band? And that the band includes Motion City Soundtrack expatriate Tony Thaxton, plus Ultimate Fakebook’s Bill McShane and Limbeck’s Patrick Carrie? And that they’re called The Pride of Erie PA? And that they have a brand new six-song EP called Let’s Start a Band, featuring the song “(I Know You Kinda) Hate Me” that they’re performing on the beach in the video above, and that it’s available on iTunes right now, right here? Oh, come on, you didn’t know any of that… UNTIL NOW.

Which is to say, Go. Now. Buy. And Like ’em on Facebook and follow ’em on Twitter, because you like the brand of entertainment these young fellows represent.


  1. Cathy says:

    Chris, I think you mean the Oneders (read Oh-knee-durs).

  2. Chris says:

    I thought The Wonders (That Thing You Do) were the pride of Erie, PA?