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I Met Air Supply!!!

I’m on Late Night w/ Fallon tonight along w/ Kirsten Dunst and AIR SUPPLY! I love those guys. Unironically. This is my front facing camera from Jimmy’s couch while A.S. rocked the SHIT out of that studio with a The Roots-backed rendition of “Here I Am.” I sang along and air-drummed through the whole performance. I also would have loved to hear “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All (makin’ love) Out of nothing at aaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaall! AH AHH AHHHHHHHHH!!!! MAKING LOVE!!!!” but since it wasn’t a concert, that didn’t happen.

This show was a blast, as always. Didn’t meet Kirsten Dunst but she seemed nice enough. Airs tonight (technically tomorrow #pushesupglasses) at 12:35a/11:35p central.

Here’s a better pic of the Air Supply lads, Graham Russell & Russell Hitchcock: