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McFarlane’s “The Walking Dead” Michonne Statue Revealed

Our friends at MTV Geek have posted exclusive shots of the new McFarlane Toys statue, and, oh, you’re gonna want it. Here:


Yup, it’s The Walking Dead, resin statue style, Michonne taking care of a couple of Walkers. There’s a whole series of pictures of the statue at MTV Geek, too. Here’s one:


Here’s Todd McFarlane talking about it:

In MTV Geek’s article Robert Kirkman says, “Michonne is a very cool character – she’s definitely the most action-oriented character from the series, and I really liked the idea of letting the McFarlane team run wild, and do their own take on Michonne, something that wasn’t necessarily completely accurate with the way Michonne exists – having two swords, and just going at it and doing something that’s a lot more over-the-top than what we usually do with The Walking Dead. And they turned it into a really cool statue.”

Indeed. This thing will cost $295, there will only be 1,500 made, it’ll come with Robert Kirkman’s autograph on it and McFarlane’s autograph on the Certificate of Authenticity, and you can only get it through the McFarlane Toys Collector Club resin program (, which will be taking pre-orders starting February 11th.

HT: MTV Geek