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Mayim Bialik Joins Cast Of “Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time”

MayimBialikSpacetimeIf you’re looking forward to more of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, the web series that resulted from the Doctor Who homage “Inspector Spacetime” on Community, you’ll be interested in the show’s latest casting coup: Mayim Bialik will be serving as the voice of The Inspector’s T.A.R… er, B.O.O.T.H. time machine.

How’d they pull off casting the Blossom/Big Bang Theory star? Well, The Inspector — Travis Richey — worked with her at ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. and reconnected when they ended up seated next to each other on a flight from Milwaukee a few years ago, so I imagine it took a phone call.

“I am beyond thrilled to have Mayim involved with the series,” Travis said. “Besides being an amazing actress, she’s a brilliant and wonderful human being. Her take on the personality of the BOOTH made us go in and completely rethink the character. It’s so much more interesting now, and of course we had add more lines for Mayim.” For her part, Mayim said, “I am thrilled to be part of the Inspector Spacetime world. As a Doctor Who fan, Inspector Spacetime satisfies all of my theatrical and nerdy desires. Putting on an admittedly poor fake British accent and working with the awesome and talented Travis Richey made me feel like a bonafide nerd-girl.”

They’re working on the Season 2 prequel episode now. Keep up with it by clicking here.


  1. Scott B. says:

    If there were a nerd girl/woman men’s magazine, Mayim would be a centerfold!! . . . I have to start a magazine!!!

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