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Matthew Weiner Shifts From MAD MEN to Comedy with ARE YOU HERE

Matthew Weiner Shifts From MAD MEN to Comedy with ARE YOU HERE

For seven seasons, we’ve all enjoyed the gin-soaked ride Matthew Weiner has taken us on in AMC’s Mad Men. Now, with Don Draper’s days numbered, we and Weiner can move on to greener pastures that have nothing to do with Madison Ave. Yes, Weiner is departing from the stylish and intense world of Mad Men this summer, and making his big screen directorial debut with Are You Here.

Are You Here follows an inheritance battle between Zach Galifianakis and Amy Poehler that comes immediately after the passing of their father. Plot points aside, Galifianakis and Poehler going to head-to-head in any situations is worthy of an entire movie. Zach plays another goofy, sweet, yet ridiculous guy who, surprisingly, inherits all of his late father’s assets. His character’s sister, played by Amy Poehler, isn’t too happy about it. Zach only has his best friend, played by Owen Wilson, to see him through it all and hopefully help him hold on to the inheritance. Lauren Lapkus, Jenna Fischer, and Melissa Rauch are also set to round out a very nice ensemble cast.

This marks a return for Weiner to comedy after his stint as a producer on The Sopranos and brilliant work on Mad Men. Over a decade ago, Matthew Weiner worked as a producer on the unfortunately short-lived Andy Richter Controls The Universe. Weiner both wrote and directed Are You Here, which will be a chance to see a lighter side of Weiner.

Are You Here comes out in limited release on August 22nd, but you can watch the trailer now and then imagine how Don Draper would market this movie…