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Matt Smith on “Top Gear”


Have you guys heard of this bloke called Matt Smith? He’s on this medical drama. Anyway, he was just on a recent episode of the UK’s premier snarky car-driving show, Top Gear. Watch as Smitty takes on the challenges of both driving around the test track and having to speak to Jeremy Clarkson. I think you’ll agree he handled himself quite well, doing better than certain other MDs. Good on ya, Matt!

-Kanderson decided to play that one more British than usual. Follow him on TWITTER


  1. Leah says:

    Wow I was surprised by his lap time – good on ya Matt! Also I kind of love Jeremy Clarkson… he’s such a dick that it’s entertaining.

  2. Mndrew says:

    Thank you for that, always good to see Matt IRL, even if he does dress like a bum.

  3. BrokenJpg says:

    Great run by Matt.

  4. John in Ohio says:

    Fantastic! Two of my favorite shows combined. Great fun, Matt.

  5. CarrieC says:

    The world is a wonderful place thanks to Top Gear.