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Nerdy Jobs

Matt Bennett Shows Us Some Nerdy Jobs

BennettIt was teased at Wondercon and now the Nerdist Channel‘s newest show, Nerdy Jobs, is here. In it, host Matt Bennett takes viewers on a tour of some of the world’s most geek-centric and technologically advanced jobs.

First, Matt heads to Dearborn, MI, to the world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company, wherein he sees pieces to prototypes get constructed via lasers, gets to shop for a car using virtual reality, and test the dangers of texting and driving in a massive, planetarium-like simulator. Who said nerds couldn’t be car people?

Next, Matt’s off to Boulder, CO, to the RealD facility. We get an explanation of how the technology of electrically-controlled polarization works, Matt tries on several pairs of specialty 3D glasses, and he gets to wear a white suit right out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He looks three-dimensionally awesome.

Finally, it’s a trip to play with the building blocks of life… the LEGO building blocks, to be precise. Matt hangs out with Nathan Sawaya, who uses the world’s greatest, and most versatile, construction toys for art. (He built the LEGO Chris Hardwick that has graced the Nerdist offices….)

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