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Matt and Sara Ransack… er, Inspect Peter Parker’s Backpack

Matt Mira is not only handling Gadget Pr0n on G4’s Attack of the Show these days. When he’s not playing with the latest devices for the show, he’s foraging for food in the crawl spaces around the studio and helping Sara Underwood solve the Mystery of Peter Parker’s Backpack, which they just happened to “find” in director Marc Webb’s dressing room:

Yes, it’s part of the viral Mark of the Spider-Man campaign. I bet nobody else involved in that would even DREAM of boiling Peter Parker’s running shoes for soup. Probably wouldn’t be too far off from lentil.


  1. Alex Raffle says:

    Is it just me, or does the thumbnail for this article look like the opening of a porn movie?

  2. stank says:

    with a bit of salt, any boiled shoe leather is a taste explosion!

  3. Pedak says:

    Why was Matt in Marc Webb’s dressing room and not Sara’s?