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Mass Effect Cosplay Makes Lady Blogger Sadfaced

This post from Kotaku about Polish model Jessika F doing the above cosplay photo shoot made my brain sad and here’s why:

Deep Breath.


I am not a prude nor am I a knee jerk something something. I like looking at beautiful people dressed in the awesome finery of my favorite video game/comic book/movie characters. But I also like looking at regular folks dressed up. Like these fine people:

Images Via

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel) the cosplay pics that get the most attention are always of the boobs n’ buns variety. Blerg. Where is the slide show of Venture Bros and Dr. Girlfriends? How about a pictorial of Kim Pines and Ramona Flowers(es)? Why is it always always always the Sexy Girls of Comic Con™ who steal the spotlight? I mean, I’m not stupid. I know why. I live in America – the land of boobs and butts and guns and poop jokes – of the freeeee.

Listen, I like sexy things. I don’t believe boobs or butts are shameful or “slutty” (a truly useless word at this point in our society in my opinion) or that a woman who chooses to express her sexuality through cosplay (or vice versa) is a lesser human being. I just feel a bit…marginalized, I guess. And maybe betrayed by my fellow nerds. I guess I had this dumb fantasy we were all in a super secret club where we had gotten past boobs and butts and poop jokes (of the freee) and maybe drank some gin drinks while we talked about how Heinlein is the “funny” kind of misogyny. And then we would all make out. Because being smart and interesting is sexy. Being good looking is sexy too but it’s nothing without some good old fashioned shared geeky bits. At least, that’s how it is in my Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club.*

So how do you all feel about the booby direction cosplay seems to be taking? Do you think there’s a chance a chubby Black Widow could outpace a harem of Slave Leias in terms of page views anytime soon? I AM ASKING FOR A FRIEND HERE. ANYWAY. Tell me your feelings please in the comments.

*now accepting robots!

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  1. twistor says:

    How come no one is complaining about the sexy nerd men in all of this? I feel exploited every my lady makes me wear that He-Man outfit.

    The Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club, however, is awesomesauce.

  2. plsburydoughboy says:

    Great article! Liked to add that this seems to be the same thing going on in Asian cosplay (not anime cosplay in Western countries – I mean, cosplay in Japan & surrounding Asian countries). Not hard to see this if you search for pictures from the recent Comiket.

    Unlike there in the West however(at least as far as I know), cosplayers here in Asia are getting traction as legitimate celebrities. In Japan, there’s an overlap (with increasingly shrinking boundaries) between Japanese voice actors, models, singers, TV personalities and cosplayers. Here in the Philippines, Alodia Gosengfiao’s star has been slowly, steadily rising so much that she’s become a VJ, gotten on Japanese TV, and even auditioning for the prospective Warcraft movie! ( proof here )

    Of course, the ugly side to all this is that amateur, just-for-fun, ordinary people cosplay seems even unheard of here. Cosplayers as celebrities raises people’s expectations of them unrealistically. Cosplayers themselves are also aware that there’s money to be made, and that seems to be a prime motivator for many of them to get into it. Not that that’s bad in itself, it’s just that I couldn’t go out to a con with a lightsaber and not be cruelly mocked for it.

    But it’s weird in that it’s not geek culture vs. mainstream culture here, more of ordinary geeks vs. geeks who are still richer, prettier and cooler than you.

  3. Liana S says:

    I understand what you’re saying but I think you chose the wrong example (Jessica F). Her costume isn’t overly provocative, in fact she’s not even showing her boobies. She just happens to have a nice figure is all. But besides being tasteful her costume is ACCURATE, which is one of the reasons most people would ogle her instead of the flimsy, just-thrown-together cosplays you normally see. I might get some shit for saying this but I really don’t care for those who wear crummy costumes. If you’re gonna dress up, do the damn thing properly.

  4. Emmy says:

    @Kiala Whoops, I look like a douche. Ignore the drunken sarcasm part of my comment!

  5. Kiala Kazebee says:

    @Emmy Thanks for the links! Will read ASAP. I actually spent the past year writing primarily for Village Voice Media’s lady feminist blog Heartless Doll. I am the feministy-est.

  6. Emmy says:

    Kiala, you may have heard of this thing. It’s called The Patriarchy. Or also it’s called “ladies are generally valued primarily for their ability to sexually please men” and also “on the scale of shitty marginalization it’s still better to be a nerdy dude than it is to be a lady, any type of lady, because there are only two kinds: sexy or fug amirite?”

    So! You (speaking generally) may think that because nerds sit outside the social norms they will be more understanding/rational when it comes to accepting all kinds of people. You (also generally) may think that because you too are a nerd that the whole group of you can transcend all the shittiness and have some sort of nerd promised land. However, because the majority of nerds have traditionally been white, straight dudes, they may show some insensitivity/assheadedness when it comes to dealing with issues not affecting white straight dudes. so when you’re all like, “hey, these sexy outfits which pander to a misogynistic beauty standard make me uncomfortable,” nerd dudes might be all like, “what I mean I would never I just think brains are sexy lol.” And then you will cry.

    So basically, nerds have sexism just like frat boys and everyone else, because that’s the kind of world we live in. IT KIND OF SUCKS. I recommend you try out some feminism! Here are some links:

    Geek Feminism Blog did an entry a while back about Geek feminism vs. mainstream feminism:

    I love everything at From Austin to A&M, but here’s a particularly relevant (like OMG READ NOW) interview with the writer, Courtney Stoker, on being a feminist geek, and also on cosplay:

    And continuing the cosplay theme, here’s a veeeery interesting article about ladies dressing up as a femme!Doctor, and what it means to be an “honorary guy”:

    And, um, in case any of y’all been under a rock, FEMINIST HULK!

  7. SpockShock says:

    I’m personally only impressed by REAL geek girls dressed as characters they truly enjoy, whatever the reason may be. Models dressed as characters they don’t even know might as well be invisible. I just don’t give a fuck about them. Its the idea thats way more sexy than the look. A girl who wears her outfit with geeky pride is totally hot!

  8. Brittany Richards says:

    I always come in so late. I think Nerdist should run a post where people can send in their photos of them in their favorite costume. Just saying. Show them what REAL people are like! 🙂 Plus. Who doesn’t love to dress up?

  9. Brittany Richards says:

    I completely agree with this article. It’s semi-sad. No denying sex sells and no denying everyone loves to see someone good looking, but there’s a certain genuine quality when it’s not so “processed” looking. If that makes sense. I guess true beauty to me is when their personality shines through their costume (or looks in general) and you can always see a personality in a costume someone did for themselves. The real people took the pictures with their $40 webcam. If that makes sense, which I hope it does, then you see what I’m saying. There’s just a more genuine quality in a real person who is not so made up and “sexified” and that quality is one that makes me want to know that person and be friends with them and discover more about them. The difference between real people and these “processed” people with their costumes is that they get two glances whereas real people may get ten friends or a new guild or something out of it. Does this make sense? I’m at work so I’m speed typing. Haha. People are so caught up on faces and bodies and T & A basically, but so many BEAUTIFUL people shine through those “plain bodies” and while they get looked over, I always feel like someone into “nerdery” is better at not overlooking that fact. Or just a genuine person in general. Like I said, I’m not denying that sex sells, but I am pointing out that while it does, there’s a quality in a real person who made the effort to feel beautiful in their costume that comes through a lot more. I think everyone has a quality that they admire in someone like in that “processed” photo, but what they don’t realize is, they have REAL qualities that don’t have to be “made up” in some photo shoot.

  10. Kiala Kazebee says:

    “There’s not that much choice available, and it isn’t fair to punish the attractive girls for the fact that when they dress up they want to look attractive”

    Everyone wants to look attractive. That is, in fact, my point. Your definition of that word might need to expand is all I am saying.

  11. jack v says:

    I started off agreeing with this (a hot model dressed in a sexy costume she knows very little about isn’t “nerdy”) but then this article seemed to devolve into an odd protest against cosplayers who happen to be attractive by mainstream standards, and an implication that only chubby/weird-looking/etc people are the “true nerds.” And this saddens me because I don’t understand why we need to make such distinctions. I know several very very pretty and fit girls who are avid cosplayers. They make every costume from scratch, and they know their source material in and out. They are true-and-blue nerds. They don’t always do “sexy” cosplay, but when they do, they look like that model. Are they to be scorned and assumed to be posers because of that? And that outfit isn’t even that revealing–Ramona Flowers, actually, would probably show more boob and leg.

    The second thing is, although media will always seize on the sexy cosplays, I think if we want less boob-and-butts we need to take that up with videogame and comic creators, not the cosplayers. What exactly are girls supposed to dress like? Except in the indie comics (and happily, current scifi shows), most heroines and videogame characters are clad in tiny skintight costumes. There’s not that much choice available, and it isn’t fair to punish the attractive girls for the fact that when they dress up they want to look attractive (as opposed to, I dunno, dressing as a Transformer or a dalek). The problem is that most of the attractive options they have are all heroines in skintight latex. Make more Zoe Washes (and less Echoes) and Deaths and so on, and maybe we’ll see more of that and less Power Girls.

  12. nutmeg says:

    Well I’m such a nerdy girl I had to Google ‘cosplay’. Oh — you mean dressing up? Geez I’m olde.

    I think real people dressing up is FAR more interesting. It takes away from an authentic Comic-Con experience IMO.

  13. Ethan Caine says:

    I would rather see hot chicks in skimpy outfit than some overweight fan with their stomach hanging out.

    Both are still entertaining however…

  14. Just says:

    You know “bust-butt” cosplay gets the most attention? Because sex sells. I’m sorry but its like putting bacon in front of a dog. It can be real bacon or Beggin Strips.

    Truth of the matter is. Any industry that caters to men/boys will have sex in it because its just a DUH solution to hike up revenues. If you look at comic books and video game industry, women are displayed in a biased way. So of course the women in real life to fit these fantasies will just blow your nerd mind! So when you finally get a beautiful model in cosplay and in actual reality. You’re going to get a ton of clicks.

    I think it does make it hard for normal people to get any attention these days. Its pretty much a problem for society not just cosplay land. Marketers are sneaky mofos that will do anything to make a buck. But your feelings about cosplay is just the tip of the iceberg

  15. Fartwinky says:

    What’s the point if the person dressing doesn’t care for what they are dressed?

    If you dress as leia the “cool” is for the fact that you decided to take the effort and DRESS that way and how cool your COSTUME is not the things underneath. The idea of having models do characters are more for the neat professional costumes and someone who makes them look good not nerdy or cool but good for others. Cosplay isn’t about looking good. It is supposed to be about looking like something ELSE other than you. Culture will attempt to relate by using a model but the point is lost if the model her/himself doesn’t care for what they are dressed.
    Not even worth getting mad about. That’s like getting mad over a pepsi commercial or any other attempt at advertising. The one who matters is the one not being paid to be themselves. Expression is irrelevant if it’s not their own vision. It’s kind of the anti-“You know you’re cool if you don’t care” The chubby mystique at dragon-con is cooler than anyone trying to fit in or collecting a check.

    Or not, whatevs

  16. Marthabat says:

    As a not-supermodel caliber geek lady, I will admit it makes me a little grumpy when the tiny, beautiful, clueless lovelies show up at con or post pics online because that’s every geek boy’s fantasy deep down inside. It’s nice to know that some nerd boys prefer a deep meaningful conversation about Star Trek DS9 vs Star Trek TNG or whether or not it was fair to make Matt Smith play the Doctor after David Tenant (he has some foxy shoes to fill).

    I firmly believe that the best kind of nerd girl is the kind that wins you over not with bedroom eyes or impeccable makeup, or with the ability to fill out a spandex body suit without a wrinkle, but with a personality that makes her worth being in your company. Felicia Day is one example. She’s beautiful, but in a girl next door sort of way. She won’t be winning any supermodel competitions, yet she still has millions of geek fanboys drooling over her because she’s the real thing.

    ok I’m done babbling. REAL GEEK GIRLS FTMFW.

  17. Deltus says:

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. And by gift horse, I mean hummina-hummina-hummina fap fap fap fap fap.

  18. Chippy says:

    For what it’s worth, I find Ramona Flowers FAR hotter than the Maxim pictures.

    What I’m saying is that to me, the quirky intelligence is far sexier than just the skin.

  19. Neal S says:

    I heartily agree, Kiala! I have always respected people who can make a flawless costume in their free time for the sole purpose of repping their inner-nerd. Basically, someone can put on a pouty-model face, but they still don’t know who the fuck they are supposed to be!

  20. gntlemanartist says:

    So the premise of your article is not that cosplay is bad, but that cosplay by very attractive people is bad? I highly disagree. Where does it say in the handbook that people who like games/sci-fi and technology have to be pimply, sun-starved and awkward? I certainly don’t fit that stereotype, neither does my fiancee and we will hopefully be populating the world with many gorgeous little geeks who will celebrate the stuff they love.

  21. smartbunny says:

    Every trade show has Booth Babes. It’s really annoying. Even computer shows and gaming shows. Are there Food Booth Babes dressed as sexy chicken legs for the Restaurateur Convention? No matter what, there are boobs. Wrestling, NASCAR, MMA, Chess Tourneys… nothing to do with boobs. But still. Boobs.

    (and butts)

  22. sephiloli says:

    I think you might be misconstruing it a bit. Booth babes are one thing, whereas cosplayers are an entirely different breed.

    I know several people who are WAY into the cosplay culture, and yeah, a lot of them are girls. When they do the sexier cosplay type characters, they go balls out. Not all of them are insanely gorgeous, nor do they have the body to be rocking whatever costume they’re going for, (most of the time) but they do it balls-out. And why? Because they genuinely like the thing they are cosplaying.

    That said, I know my fair share of nerd girl cosplayers who are hot as FUCK. In most instances, they aren’t doing it for anything other than themselves. They love a thing (game, show, etc) and they are putting effort into making a costume, and then parading around in it.

    Is it self-serving? YES. But it is also VERY empowering. Especially for the more introverted nerd people who don’t have an outlet to express themselves otherwise. I would hope that other nerd types would recognise that. Yes, it /is/ about attention, but when you’re a nerd (hot or otherwise) it is nice to receive attention for a job well done.

  23. Caitlin says:

    It’s nice to hear this as a cosplayer. T n’ A will always get the most attention, but at least there’s someone out there who falls in the semi-sane middle ground between “It’s not Halloween yet you freak!” and “Tits or GTFO”.

    To the naysayers who claim female cosplayers disproportionately choose hoochie outfits: This part illusion, part unavoidable. You’re likely seeing what you want to see a lot of the time. Beyond that, main female characters in video games/comics/anime of similar ages to the individuals who might cosplay them tend to wear sexy things. The characters are in those tight clothes and short skirts to entice the male audience. The choices become limited. When that’s all there is to cosplay, that’s what you cosplay. Also, those simple, often smaller and tighter outfits based on lingerie with little in the way of armor or detailing are often easier to construct making them more appealing to those who haven’t taken courses in patterning and textiles and craft construction, etc.

  24. Cyd says:

    I completely agree with you and would like to join your club. I like regular people in well made, clever, or even earnest costumes. Sometimes those costumes can be sexy but I’m more likely to notice the well made ones. It feels cheaty and takes the fun out of it for regular people to have models cosplay.

  25. Kerri says:

    There have been some really valid points, covering a lot of bases on this. So here’s my two cents.

    Would I prefer to see the less ‘model’-ish cosplayers? Of course. But I think it’s great to look at something like the Miranda thing, and just appreciate the costume itself.

    Cosplay is one of those weird things, and it seems to fall pretty heavily under societal standards. You have the girls who are overweight, or just not cute, who make these /amazing/ costumes. But they will almost always be overlooked for Slave Leia’s and Skanky Pikachu’s.

    It sucks. But what can we do, as fellow nerds, except for spend our time hyping those people with great skills, instead of drawing attention to the people with great racks?

    Society’s a bitch. Scroll past the Miranda’s of the world, and give the Ramona’s of the world your time and appreciation.

  26. John Perish says:

    i would rather see hot chicks who know nothing of the character that they are cosplaying than to see another overweight blood elf or slave leia whos metal bikini is holding on for dear life. much like everything else, i blame star trek for this blight on nerd culture.

    “you darn kids! costumes are for halloween!…or for spicing up a failing marital sex life…”

  27. Silence says:

    I agree with the feeling of marginalization, too. For me, being a nerd has always been about being a bit of an outsider because the things I enjoy didn’t fit with mainstream culture. The fact that mainstream culture is now pretending to like my interests to make money off of me and my fellow nerds instills me with a genuine feeling of anger.

    Like, leave us alone. We weren’t cool enough for you to market to in junior high, and we can still see right through your pandering now. The entertainment industry still doesn’t understand why comics are so great…they just know that there’s a bunch of money to be had from them.

    It’s why I can’t fucking stand Olivia Munn. She’s not a nerd at all. She’s the cute girl who’d “slum it” with the geeks so that one of them would write her History papers. She panders, and panders and panders, and sells her ghostwritten “humor” book (which is dreadfully boring), and somehow tricks all the nerd boys by throwing on a Wonder Woman costume. How dumb and blinded have we become that we can’t see through the fakery?

    Eff the “hot chix” and their half-assed, commercial cosplay. Being a nerd for a day is just another costume change. It ends up in the hamper at the end of the day, right alongside their Wonder Woman booty shorts.

  28. zombietrudy says:

    totally agree. as a cosplay nerd myself, while hunting around looking for Pokemon gijinka [basically human-versions of pokeymanz] designs half the time I’d get a whore-a-chu in a yellow bikini top and mini-is-an-understatement skirt with red facepaint cheeks and ears and tail ripped off a pikachu doll. cosplay is about looking good, yes, but half of it is the tie, effort, and skill you put into making the costume. there *are* well made albeit skimpy outfits, but the ones that really show what cosplaying is about are those huge, over the top, took months to create amaaazing costumes that are getting overlooked because oh hey, there are bewbz over there.

  29. Will says:

    True nerds like myself enjoy seeing all kinds of cosplay either sexy or not. Sometimes cosplay that fails in every possible way can be the best. If the costume is really bad and is hard to understand only a true nerd should get it. If its “sexy” full of boobs or whatnot, then generally people who arent true nerds or have a little nerd in them can get the reference. Personally for me the best cosplay is obscure costumes from lesser know games, movies, and shows because then a true nerd can figure it out. Of course boobs are just an added bonus at that point. For me no matter who the person is sexy or not if you have a good or a bad costume at least you tried and its all in good fun to see you and enjoy being there yourself

  30. Whatsername says:

    I’ve always loved the fact that despite most female comic book characters being curvy in the comics, all you see in cosplay photos are the fairly thin girls. As for the model/regular person debate? I like seeing everyday people dressed in cosplay. Cause honestly, do you really think super models know anything about who the hell they’re dressed as?

  31. Cass says:

    Or diablo 3 I’m so behind

  32. Cass says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I have this huge problem with today’s society where women are exploited for the soul purpose of an advertising campaign. Cosplay included, it might as well just be a giant billboard that says “fuck play this game it’s awesome….but mostly because I have tits” Dont get me wrong, as a woman I love being sexy, but I try to the best of my ability to do it classy and for the right reasons. I’ll be at the supermarket at 7am in sweats with jacked hair and still get hit on. Ladies, if you’re looking for attention from a guy at a convention and think Cosplay will work, guess again they don’t give a fuck…..they care about Starcraft 2 and are too busy whining about Diablo 2 and probably marking for Walking Dead on AMC

  33. DefconDan says:

    I know some Cosplay folks and while yes I can’t really get the point of it all, its fun for them. But lets face it, many if not nearly all the female characters from games/TV/Anime/Movies tend to be sexy or scantily dressed. Have you seen any Madam Curie Cosplayers? Wonder why? Because she wasn’t sexy!! (Amy Adams as Earheart on the other hand… that was some yummy-ness… Focus Defcon Focus!) Its not cool that they get a lot of the attention but we’re all a little shallow and if someone is crazy enough and has the body enough to pull off a Slave Leia or a Baroness skin tight outfit, it’s pretty much the nerd equivalent of deer headlights (pause… had to fight the urge to mention other kinds of “headlights”). That’s the real draw, because there’s aren’t too many Mirandas running around us in real life and they sure as hell not showing off their body in public like that. We all were amazed by that Big Daddy costume last year right? So it IS possible to get attention in CosPlay land and not be 1/2 naked, but you can only see sooooo many Cobra Commanders but there’s never enough Slave Leias. 🙂

    I an honest pig, and I approve of this post.

  34. Ric Rodrigo says:

    A gin and Heinlein club sounds cool, but I think I need to find myself a Jack and Lovecraft club.

  35. n17pr says:

    Great article and brilliant observation, I totally agree. However, I think you, and some other commentators, are missing the true motive for this over-coverage of sexy costumes. The simple fact is that alot of people are attention whores (semi-literally in this case), and if you want attention, even if you are a nerd or geek, the sexy route works best because only people who are on the “inside” and know whom your dressing as will be amazed, if you pick a very revealing outfit, EVERYONE will stare at you, regardless of who you are dressed as.

  36. GuanoLad says:

    I completely agree. I want to see not only all the costumes, with or without skin showing, but preferably in a reasonably expected context of some kind, instead of just on the carpeted floor of a convention centre. Such as in an alley, or on a rooftop, or in the shadows.

    I have the exact same dislike of book cover “fantasy warriors” wearing impractical chainmail bikinis, too much exposed unprotected flesh, and long flappy drapery that would cause tripping and get caught up in sword wielding arms.

    I like practical, believable, in-context, creative cosplay.

  37. Starr says:

    The more attractive people we can coax into costuming as nerd-esque figures the more Watchmen and Scott Pilgrims we get. Mass Effect movie anyone? However I see your point. Personally I prefer the chubby bespectacled geek who spent 5 years developing and perfecting their Black Widow costume, however, they aren’t likely to make a movie unless we can get Scarlett Jo to suit up.

    The more sexy ladies the execs fill up the conventions with the more publicity, the more money, the more future blockbuster nerd content for everyonnnne.

    With Mr. Miranda over there it is kind of a bummer that she has the spotlight for something her agent told her to slip on when she probably doesn’t even know what coos-er–pla-ee is but imgaine the sheer glee the nerd who made the ensamblee is feeling right now seeing their creating published eh.


    Ps: see you Bumbershoot big fella!

  38. my-name-here says:

    I like boobs…

    that is all…

  39. Stormy says:

    i will join your mysterious gin and heinlein club. where do i sign up?

  40. Christian says:

    Hey nothing wrong if she wears a cosplay and seems to be prettier than average. What if she really is a nerd and she just happen to have that look. What matters is that she better really like that game or she’s just a tool!

  41. The Gneech says:

    The booth bunnies have gone professional, it seems. Bah! (Remind me sometime to tell you the “Gneech’s Table vs. the Booth Bunny’s Table at Dragon*Con” story sometime.)

    The answer, of course, is to ignore the professionals, glorify the awesome amateurs, and wait until the larger world has gotten bored and wandered off, as it will, eventually, without fail.

    Meanwhile, I should like to join your club. Is the fee payable in quatloos?

    -The Gneech

  42. PapaFrita says:

    Many of them are models who are paid to be there! Being sexy and being photographed and getting media attention is part of their job. Their true nerdiness is certainly up for questioning, for sure, but getting this kind of attention is how they put food on the table.

  43. Alli says:

    Preach!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you! As an eternal geek who had a homemade Star Trek TNG costume in 6th grade to the adult who (finally!) hit up Comic Con this year, I feel the same way.

    I can’t help but feel that a lot of sexy “nerds” are embracing their inner nerd not out of love for all things geek, but to capitalize on the opportunity.

  44. Bill says:

    Remember, the professional photographers who take and post those pics aren’t geeks. Me, I’ll take a geek girl dressed as L’loth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits over some paid model shilling for some comic company any day.

  45. G-man says:

    That Miranda needs bigger boobs. She does not live up to my comic/geek/nerd fantasy standards. She also looks a little grumpy.

    No, she’s not one of us. So what? Comics (and art in general) have a long history of glorifying the female form. Why would it be surprising that comic fans are interested in sexy women, especially in their favorite character’s costumes?

    By the way, have you SEEN Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Maxim? Ramona Flowers is SMOKIN!

  46. Jeff says:

    I wouldn’t worry overmuch. Cosplay will just follow porn. Amateur is the only interesting kind…until they go 3D IMAX.

    But anyway. Where do I send my cubits for my club membership?

  47. Robyn says:

    I’m not really a cosplay kinda girl myself…except for that one time at band camp er-Ren Fair…but I do find it far more interesting to see what Average Joe or Josephine Nerd pull off for a con rather than the parade of hot skinny scantily clad Slave Leias and Morrigans. It takes the fun out of it.

  48. Dawson says:

    I think this is a bit of the “mainstreaming” of geek culture. That whole geek chic thing has had an impact on our world. Some of said mainstreaming has brought with it a more narrow definition of what is “good looking”. I do believe for a long time in geek culture there was a certain forward thinking appreciation for the fact that “good looking” did not necessarily mean”‘skinny movie star material”, and we’ve lost that a bit as Hollywood has dug it’s mitts further into our world.

    So, with the popularity of some geeky things leaking out into the world, some of the more normative ideas of what is “good looking” are leaking IN to our culture and causing this elevated level of interest in how people look.

    Personally, I still think the hottest girl in the room is the one who can hold an intelligent conversation with me on topics she’s passionate about. But, I’m also the guy who always asked the girl standing in the corner to dance, so maybe I’m unusual? No idea. I hope not.

    (P.S. I want to be in the Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club! How do I apply?!)

  49. Scrufy 1 says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what he said
    I would classify Cosplay as geeky, nerds got more goin for em.
    Boobs are always nice though…..

  50. Jenna Alive says:

    I have a phobia of cosplay. Even just the word gives me the heebie jeebies. I feel like that’s some sort of nerd fail, but there it is.