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Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kickin’ It Conan Style

marylynnconan052013thumbOur own Mary Lynn Rajskub was kickin’ it with Conan O’Brien on Conan last night, promoting her appearance in The Kings of Summer, and here’s a clip of ML discussing her kid, a rock, Transformers, and lessons to be learned therefrom (standard disclaimer; Not available in some territories, sorry):

Here, she talks 24 and what Chloe was typing on that screen:

And while we’re on the Conan trail, here’s the man himself offering his video response to the Man of Steel trailer. It’s all about Superman’s beard:

HT: Team Coco

Listen to Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style via the Nerdist Podcast Network!

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  1. Alec says:

    I just looked at the cast list for that Kings of Summer movie, and it feels like three quarters of them either host a podcast on the Nerdist network, or have been guests on it. It can’t fail.

  2. Atticus says:

    Re: Shaving

    Superman shaves by using his heat vision/laser eyes and a mirror and burning the beard off his face. Duh.