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Marvel’s Mutant Pop Star Dazzler Gets a Fan-Made Music Video

Marvel’s Mutant Pop Star Dazzler Gets a Fan-Made Music Video

Marvel’s mutant superhero and pop star Dazzler, a/k/a Alison Blaire, has been making headlines of late for her upcoming all new, harder-edged look, set to debut soon in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #24. But fans of the classic old-school Dazzler, specifically the mid 1980s post-disco, roller skatin’, workout spandex and headband wearing Dazzler, take heart: a new fan made music video has debuted online, featuring the Alison Blaire you might remember from her early eighties comic book series, as well as her appearances in Uncanny X-Men, the early ’90s X-Men Konami arcade game, or maybe even from the original animated X-Men pilot from way back when (the one that presciently knew that someday, Wolverine would be an Australian).

The video for “The Sight of the Sound” stars Gentry Roth as Dazzler,and is directed by Arvin Bautista and showcases a costume made from Leetal Platt. The video features tons of references to Dazzler comic book lore from her ongoing series which ran from 1981-86, like Alison’s father, Judge Carter Blaire, and even features an appearance from Burger Clown, the fast food franchise that Dazzler actually once worked in way back when. (Ain’t no shame in that, even Wonder Woman also worked fast food once at the local Taco Whiz.) Of course, there is also a cameo appearance from Dazzler’s on again/off again boyfriend and fellow X-Man Longshot…. mullet and all. Check out the video for “The Sight of the Sound” below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Alison Blaire – “Sight of the Sound” Dazzler fan music video & cosplay from arvin bautista on Vimeo.


  1. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. commonperson says:

    Okay that was pretty awesome, as a man of a certain age I will admit I had a bit of a thing for Dazzler.