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Marvel’s JARVIS App for iOS Available TODAY

Jarvis App

Last week, at a media event at Walt Disney Studios, a demonstration was given of the brand new Marvel JARVIS app for iOS devices. With it, you’re effectively loading Tony Stark’s faithful A.I. butler to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Now, your calendar, messages, ringtones, alarm, and more can be handled by the same thing that powers Iron Man. And the coolest bit? Paul Bettany returns to voice the computerized character, so you really will have the most authentic JARVIS possible.


On top of all the day-to-day activity with which JARVIS can help you, the app is specially designed to work in tandem with the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, released on September 24th. If your Blu-ray playing device is internet capable, you can sync your app with it and voice-control the movie menu and more. There’s also the added bonus of a scavenger hunt within the Blu-ray that will unlock special Iron Man armors, 44 in total. Finally, you get a reward for devouring every piece of Blu-ray content. New updates will occur in the ensuing months, leading up to the release of Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, like photos and videos, but the main crux of the app will still be tied to Iron Man 3.

Below is a series of shots of what the app will look like on your phone, but they look similar on the iPad (just wider, obviously).

If you’d like JARVIS in the palm of your hand, and at the call of your voice, then download the JARVIS app in the iOS store this very moment.