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Marvel Debuts a Web Series All About Cosplay

Marvel Debuts a Web Series All About Cosplay

Cosplay isn’t going anywhere. Those who don’t make costumes and play dress up like to participate as spectators, and the hobby is a key part of any convention experience. Marvel must recognize that because they’ve launched a new original video series titled Marvel Method: Cosplay. The show isn’t only about showing off costumes featuring characters in Marvel’s huge toy box but actually looking at the steps that go into making a costume.

The first episode just premiered, and hosts Judy Stephens (associate producer and resident cosplay expert) and Lorraine Cink (host and writer of The Watcher) work together to figure out which costume Cink should make and debut at Comic-Con in a couple of weeks. I like that they point out some of the practical aspects of choosing a costume: when Cink considers She-Hulk, Stephens points out the amount of time involved to airbrush on the hero’s green skin, so they move on to other options.

They ended up choosing Scarlet Witch. Cink says, “After considering so many powerful women of the Marvel Universe, we continued to be drawn back to the Scarlet Witch. Her recent death in Uncanny Avengers, her upcoming appearance in Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and her stunning redesign by John Cassaday for the Marvel NOW! initiative all played part in our ultimate decision to build her costume.”

Watch them go through the nitty gritty of making the costume from sketches to the wig to sewing. Cink and Stephens luckily have a team of experts to consult.

New episodes of Marvel Method: Cosplay will drop every Tuesday and Thursday. And given the “Marvel Method” part of the title, I wonder if this is the first of various video series looking at processes.