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Martin Lawrence Teases BAD BOYS III on CONAN

Martin Lawrence Teases BAD BOYS III on CONAN

When it comes to buddy cop classics, you’ve got a swath of favorites to choose from, from the Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop series to 48 hours and the Rush Hour flicks. Though Beverly Hills Cop 4 is moving forward, it’s not the only franchise vying for a revival. Yeah, we’re talking about Michael Bay’s Bad Boys series. Ever since the second film pushed the limits of hard R action to a new level (a boat joined a freeway chase in that movie, no big deal), fans of Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 have been waiting for a new adventure with Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. A third film’s been teased for years now, primarily by Jerry Bruckheimer and Martin Lawrence who, during various interviews, often state the film’s story and script are in various stages of development at Sony. Well, Lawrence is at it again, this time on Conan.

It’s tempting to believe this is the real deal, but really, this is not much different than anything Lawrence has said in past interviews, it’s just that this time, he’s done it on a national stage. We’re betting Sony would love to make Bad Boys III happen because, say what you want about the quality of his films, Michael Bay is arguably one of the most profitable directors in Hollywood right now. Still, Martin’s statement doesn’t make this official… yet.

At this point, Bad Boys III is not green-lit, it’s simply stuck in script development until deals and schedules can be worked out with all four of the key players (Lawrence, Smith, Bruckheimer and Bay). But, if we wish hard enough, maybe, just maybe we can get this sucker moving for release in the near future.

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  1. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Still, I can’t imagine how different it will be from the first two movies… let the recent Pain & Gain be the benchmark.