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DVK: Daniel Van KirkDVK: Daniel Van Kirk

‘Mark Wahlberg’ Saves a Life at THE WALKING DEAD: ESCAPE

twd-sdccMark Wahlberg (Dan Van Kirk) is quickly proving himself to be something of a renaissance man. In addition to starring in films like 2 Guns and performing stand-up comedy on the spot on Set List, the Funkiest of the Bunch took time out of his busy schedule to run through The Walking Dead: Escape, the popular alternate reality game/obstacle course that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and dares you to survive, and he was kind enough to let the Nerdist Channel film him in the process.

That wasn’t all Marky Mark made time to do while he was down at SDCC though; he proved that stars are just like us and took time to mingle with the hoi polloi. From taking time to thank our hardworking FBI agents to hunting down Waldo, Mark clearly made the most of his time in San Diego.

As a veteran of The Walking Dead: Escape, I can tell you that this course is no joke. While I didn’t wind up saving any lives, I did accidentally left my blood-soaked shoes in a San Diego hotel room, where I presume I am most likely wanted for murder.

Have you run in The Walking Dead: Escape? What else would you like to see Mark Wahlberg tackle? Let us know in the comments below or help me avoid the San Diego murder police on Twitter.


  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    A . Don’t expect to see the real Mark Wahlberg
    B. He looks nothing like Mark Wahlberg
    C. This is the stupid thing I have ever seen .
    When did NERDS become morons …..oh yeah when posers became Nerds .